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Emma or Hermione?
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Are you more similar to Emma or Hermione? Make this test and do not forget how much A, B or C answers you get!

1- When you go shopping...
A. You always know what's fashionable and what is not
B- You have a main idea about what is fashionable at the moment...
C- You have no idea about what's fashionable and what is not and you really don't care
2- During lunch-break...
A- You play your favourite sport after having lunch
B- You have lunch, rest and talk with your friends
C-You study or do the homework
3- What do you do on your free time?
A- Hang out with my friends, sports, go shopping
B- Sometimes I go out, sometimes I don't
C- Study
4- What is the most important?
A- Amusement
B- Friendship
C- Responsability
5- During school lessons...
A- You stare at your watch counting the minutes to the end of the lesson
B- You pay a minimun attention to know what's going on
C- You pay attention to every single word the professor says
6- Trend... is important to you?
A- Of course
B- A little bit
C- Not really
7- Are you a romantic?
A- Yes!
B- Sometimes
C- Not really
8- Which celebrity crush do you prefer?
A- Brad Pitt
B- Daniel Radcliffe
C- Tobey Maguire
9- When you go out, what do you take with you?
A- A mirror, a bag, make-up...
B- Handkerchiefs
C- The keys and nothing more
10- When you talk... do you usually laugh or do you talk seriously?
A- I laugh. Haha!
B- It depends of the conversation
C- Seriously

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