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On the Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone movie, in a moment appears a nice girl (with a perfect English accent) that seems very bossy and bookworm. What did you think about her at the first time, I don't know, but what I know is that people think that Emma is an anormal girl, that she thinks she's the best, that's she's very lucky, that she must be the perfect girl... But could it be so?

'Do you think that Emma would love me? I just love her!' , said my friend Philipp once, a cool german guy that used to love her. 'Perphas yes, I like you as a friend', I told him. But I couldn't believe what Philipp had write to me that day. First at all, I don't know what Emma likes. And second, how a person can love someone that doesn't even know? That's seems impossible to me. 'I really like Robert Smith and Daniel Radcliffe!", you can hear me saying, but I cannot love them. Robert Smith is like 45, and he would be a pedofilic if he would fall in love with me, and perphas I would not like him if I see him. And Daniel Radcliffe is a very lucky guy, has got loads of fans, and tries to live a normal life, poor boy... BUT, FINALLY, THEY ARE JUST IN A MOVIE! And Emma is just in a movie too.

We cannot know if Emma is perfect, but I'm sure that she isn't. We cannot know if she's lucky, 'cause she has to live the famous' price, and perphas she has family problems , like all people can.

Emma doesn't think she's the best. Emma likes herself, is very proud about being an actress. I would be too. She, like all people, admires several celebrities.

We have to remember that Emma is a normal 13-year-old girl, like me (and I am normal). She loves fashion, like me, and all girls. She likes guys, like me, my friends and every girl. She loves fashion-clothers, like me, my friends, and a lot of girls. She's just normal, but only with one difference: she's in a film. But that doesn't mean that she came from another planet.

She has a private life too, she has to have it. And loads of Harry Potter fans want to know loads of things about her, and about her privacy. Loads of persons asked me her e-mail. I think that's wrong. All this site has info about her, but nothing about her privacy. She told all in interviews, people taked her photos. But please, don't search her e-mail address or don't try to invade her privacy. You would not like it if you were famous. If you have to meet 13-year-old Emma Watson you will meet her.  If you would like to contact her, just send your wishes to

Emma Watson c/o Harry Potter Production
Leavesden Studios
P.O.Box 3000
Leavesden, Herfordshire
United Kingdom

This is all the help that I can give you. In a couple of weeks I will send her a letter (telling her about this site, of course!), and if I get an answer, I will tell you.

Think about Emma, but don't think stupid things. If you have any question about her, something that you always think about, you can contact me ( subject : think about Emma ) telling or asking me about it, I will try to help you.

Mandy Ko 13

November 26th 2003

Last correction: December 13th 2004

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