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Some Em's quotes

About the people of her school : 'I go to a very big school and some people give me a bit of stick. They walk past and go "Wingardium Leviosa" for the billionth time that day, and I go aaagggghhhhhh!'

About school subjects that she hates : 'I hate geography and math. I hate them, hate them, hate them!'

About Daniel and Rupert : 'We get along great, but I don't have a crush on them. I know them too well. I do have to keep them on their toes and show them who's boss.'

About her set - nickname : 'My nickname is One-Take Watson - Id always get my scene done in one take...well,not always.The boys had them,too: Do-it-again Dan and Go-again Grint." '

About kissing boys on the set : 'Oh my God, no, no chance, no chance. That's not in my contract!'

About Hermione's qualities : 'Hermione is a dictionary-- she uses long words I don't understand.' & 'I like her because she's really bossy and nerdy and all that kind of stuff.'

About seeing herfelf on the big screen : 'It's really weird to see yourself on the big screen. I find that I'm always looking at mistakes and not the good bits.'

About how she noticed she got the part : '[Producer] David Heyman actually invited [Rupert Grint] and me to come in. We sat down in his office--very casual--and he said, "You've got the part." I was so shocked and I just stood there and said, "Pinch me!'

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