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General Stuff
Names : Emma Charlotte

Surnames : Watson Duerre

Nicknames : Em, Emms. "One-Take-Watson!" on the set and "Bossy" by her friends.
Birthday: April 15, 1990 

Sign: Aries and Metal Horse
Hair Colo
ur: Light Brown 

Eye Colour: Brown 

Height when she was 11: 4'11" 

Handed: Right
Hometown: Oxford, England - She was born i
n France
School Plays: Arthur: The Younger Years [Morgan La Fay], The Swallow and The Prince [The Swallow], The Happy Prince [unknown lead role], and Alice in Wonderland [the angry cook]
Role Models: Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Goldie Hawn, and John Cleese

Parents: Jacqueline Duerre and Chris Watson [divorced]
Siblings: Younger brother Alex (Born on 1993)
Pets: Bubbles, her cat, and Domino, her brother's one

Within the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Movie
Favourite Scene: Troll Scene (stunts galore!)
Favourite HP Spell: "Petrificus Totalus!"
Favourite Movie Trick: "In the movie, I quite like the trick where I'm under the stands and I set things [Snape] on fire." (Quidditch Scene)
Favourite Line: "I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed - or worse expelled!" and "Stop! Stop! Stop! You're going to take someone's eye out!"

Within the Within the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie
Favourite Scene: Gilderoy Lockhart scenes and the Chamber of Secrets
Least-Favourite Scene: At the end where she hugs Harry [Daniel] "For starters it was 'cringe,' but then it was okay."
Polyjuice Potion : If she could make the Polyjuice Potion, she would try to turn into Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt's wife.
Flying Car : If she would have a flying car, she would try to fly into Australia

Within the Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban movie

General: 'I am really enjoying shotting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because the third book is my favourite'

Favourite Scene : when she ( or Hermione ) punches Malfoy

Favourites General HP
Favourite HP Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favourite HP Character: Hagrid ("because he's funny!")
Favourite HP Role : Draco Malfoy. ( "Id like to play Malfoy,because you can be horrible to people! That would be fun to play around with!" )
Favourite Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favourites [Misc]
Clothing Lines: DKNY, Diesel and Miss Sixty
chicks with guitars, all the current pop music and R&B that is played on the radio, her dads old collection (Eric Clapton, BB King, Chuck Berry, etc.), 
Jelly Bean Flavour: Sherbert Lemon
Animal: Cat
Sports: Hockey ,Tennis, Tug of War and Rounders [which is somewhat like Baseball]
School Classes: Art and Sports
prawn cocktail crisps , Italian food ones (pasta, pizza, etc) and chocolate
Actor:Brad Pitt - Actress: Julia Roberts
Lip gloss : stila
Loves : talking, make shopping, dancing, adores the sun, spending time with her family and friends, travelling to new countries, singning (specially in the school bus) and acting.

Films :Shawshank Redemption, Dirty Dancing, Gladiator,  Braveheart, Grease, Pride and Predujice
The best gift she has ever received: a CD player
Favo gadget : ipod

Dislikes (HP related)
Her Movie Nickname: " [My friends] don't go around calling me Hermione Granger. I am me."
When People Pronounce Hermione wrong. 
School: when her schoolmates pass next to her saying "Wingardium Leviosa"

Dislikes [Misc]
Music Types: Classical or Opera
School Classes: Geography, Maths (I hate them! I hate them! I hate them!) and Latin
Food (Least Favourite): Vegatables
Make her bed : she still has to make it, and she hate
s doing it
Radio : "When Radio stations interrupt the song before it's finished"

Other Stuff
Quidditch Postion She'd Want to Play: Chaser
Holiday (2001) Wish: "I wish there was peace between America and Afghanistan."
Owl use: If she owned one she could keep in touch with her friend
Set Piece She'd Steal: One of the Chess Pieces or her Wand
Invisibility Cloak Uses: Sneaking into movies or concerts
Her First Interview: August 2000 (Announcing Cast)
Crushes: Prince William,Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and someone of the set
Celebrity Crush :
'Too many to name!'
First Book her Father Read to Her: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Still Loves: Santa Claus
Emma's 2002 X-mas List: More Clothes
Britney or Christina : neither
Enjoys: Books by Dahl (Think James and the Giant Peach)
Sports she plays: hockey, netball, tennis, table-tennis and rounders
Cell Phone : Nokia 330
About recognizing: "I get recognized, but you get used to that. There are worse things than being recognized."
About movie projects : "I think I would like to venture out and do other films but, at the moment, I'm going with the flow." 
About newsreporters : "They all ask the same questions! You dont even need to think,you can just stand there like a broken record going LALALALA... "
About newsreporters : "They all ask the same questions! You dont even need to think,you can just stand there like a broken record going LALALALA... "
About Magic: "I thought magic was a white rabbit and a black hat. I'm not superstitious, and I only read the horoscopes for fun."
On the free time between the takes: "I go through my tongue-twisting lines.Or play card games - Spit,Slam and Snap."

Thanks for some info to Ingrid

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Information taken from Interviews, newsletters and profiles, withouth invading Emma's personal life . All this stuff is abolutely true.

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