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Full name: Thomas Andrew Felton
Born on: September 22nd, 1987, in London, UK (Currently lives in Surrey)
Loves: fishing, sports, his BMW.
Car: BMW 318 Coupe (owns one)
Siblings: 3 older brothers: Chris (+6), Ashley (+3) and Johnattan (+8).
Ghosts: He believes in ghosts.
Favo food: pizza
Favo Music Style: rap
Celebrity crush: Angelina Jolie
A biography:
Tom Felton has been acting since he was eight-years-old. He stumbled into the entertainment industry at the suggestion of an actress friend of the family who recognised Feltons theatrical qualities. Felton met with an agent, and two weeks later, after auditioning with over four hundred other children, he landed an international commercial campaign and went abroad to work.

Tom Felton plays Draco Malfoy, Harry's Slytherin antagonist, in the Harry Potter movies but has also appeared in the feature films "The Borrowers" (1998, with John Goodman) and "Anna and the King" (1999, with Jodie Foster).

He has appeared in Bugs in which he played the role of James. Also appeared in the TV series Second Sight, a TV drama about a police officer who is losing his sight, the police officer tries to track down a murder suspect Thomas Ingham played by Tom is the main witness involved in the case.

Tom is a talented singer. He started singing in a church choir at the age of 7 and has been a member of four choirs at school and was even offered a place in the Guildford Cathedral Choir. He is a keen sportsman enjoying football, iceskating, roller blading, basket ball, cricket, swimming and tennis.

Meet the Kid Who Plays Draco Malfoy
Fans are wild about the second "Harry Potter" movie, thanks to a suspenseful story and great characters.
And one of the best parts of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is watching the developing rivalry between Harry and his Slytherin classmate Draco Malfoy. That meant a larger role for actor Tom Felton, who has played Draco in the first two movies. "The Chamber of Secrets" included lots of stunts, including a cool Quidditch chase and a duel with Harry.
We recently had a chance to chat with Tom. And although he has that wicked Malfoy snarl and curled lip down to perfection, he is a regular guy with a good sense of humor. "Just tell them deep down I'm a good guy," he said.
Here's what Tom had to say about films, fame and playing a bad guy.

Q: Filming the "Harry Potter" movies takes up a big chunk of the school year. Are you back at school?
A: I've been in school (near London) off and on. I'll be in school for three or four months before we start shooting the next movie in February or March. I like school and I'm glad to be back. People think school's a drag, but you don't realize how much fun it is until you're not there.

Q: Do you get recognized a lot, especially after the second movie?
A: I do get the odd remark, but it's not too bad. I have short brown hair, not long blond hair (like in the movie).

Q: Is it fun playing the bad guy?
A: Oh yeah! Of all the parts ... I wanted to play Malfoy. He's the most different of all of the characters.

Q: If you were really a student at Hogwarts, would the Sorting Hat sort you into Slytherin?
A: Definitely, Slytherin, definitely. One hundred percent! In all the other houses, you can't do anything wrong, not that I'd want to, but ...

Q: And would you be friends with Crabbe and Goyle or some of the other kids?
A: I would in real life. Crabbe and Goyle are nice people.

Q: Do all of the young actors hang out together on the set? Are you all friends now?
A: We usually have school, but when we don't, we chill out in the game room. Everyone gets along. It's kind of strange. Everyone is like a puzzle piece and we all came together and just clicked.

Q: Is it true you haven't read any of the "Harry Potter" books?
A: Well, I didn't read the first book. (Director) Chris Columbus asked me that when I auditioned for the part and I said "No," but he still gave me the part. I didn't read the second book either. I wanted to play the part as it was written for the script, not the book. I'm going to read the third book, just to compare.

Q: What are you doing for the holidays?
A: I'll be home with my family, and my grandma and grandad. For Boxing Day, we're going to Florida. (Boxing Day is Dec. 26. The British holiday is celebrated with gifts to friends and family.)

Q: What's on your Christmas list?
A: A CD player.

Q: Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
A: To make the third film the best work I've ever done!

Q: You've signed on for the third "Harry Potter" movie. Do you think you'll play Draco in all seven -- unless of course, something happens to him in the book?
A: Hopefully, but we're growing up quickly. Daniel (Radcliffe, who plays Harry) will look about 25 by the time we get to the end

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