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Are they going out together?
We are always hoping to know the answer to this exciting, mysterious and complicated question. But the answer might be simpler that what we think: they are NOT.
But many people think they are. Why??? In this section, we are following the case year - by - year. Take a look!
YEAR 2001
'Emma is very brave', says Daniel, 'With her I am always talking about personal things; she's really trustworthy'
"Dan is the kind of boy that is always excitied about doing something, he loves playing prunks... besides, we usually talk about personal things", says Emma.
In this pictures from this year they are holding hands:

YEAR 2003
'If I played a prunk on Emma, she would really get angry... She would hurt me...' , says Daniel
"It was like... 'get off me!' I didn't like it at all... For starters it was 'cringe', but then it was okay" - Emma on hugging Daniel on the 2nd film.
'I have got a crush on someone of the set', says Emma. (NOT DANIEL, I SUPPOSE!)
At this time nothing seemed to be going out. Not even a good friendship.
YEAR 2004
Also if they are holding hands on several pictures, also if they hug each other, they are not. Daniel says that they are not going out together, that they are only good workmates and friends. In the first picture, look at Daniel's face: he seems to be nervous. He probably was nervous and that's why they held hands. In the second picture, they were dancing! Take a look anyway.
Holding hands this year:

Those hands!

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Comments by fans
Cassie: Are they? : NO. Why? I don't think they are. Dan is my favorite actor and if he says their not, they well their not. I don't like hold hands with my guy friends or anything but if I did, I would also get quite annoyed if people thought we were
going out. If you were a true fan, you'd believe them.
Kandydemmaw: Are they going out?: No. Why?: not cause they just shre each others fellings thats all they dont do anything .yeah of course they are holding hands because they are friends just like rupert so i dont care what ya"ll say they dont .......
Danielle: Are they going out? No. Why?: because daniel is the best actor on the set and if he says they are not then they are not. i like daniel myself. Comment: daniel is so fit and if he is going out with emma my heart will be broken
Alexandra. Are they?: Yes. Why?: it's obvious. dan playes harry potter. they r so made 4 each other. Comment: if they r going out together it's so cool. they really r made 4 each other! They match like gloves on the hand! I hope they r.
Maria: Are they?: No. Why? There not going out, there just very(then i mean VERY) close friends!
nenamarlin. Are they? No. I think they are just good friends! they could go out later on.even if they were it doesnt matter a lot of people go out with co workers! i know a bunch!
Chase Fowler. Are they? No. Why? If Dan says that there not...there not! I don't care what other people think. I think that it would be cool if the Harry and Hermione went out but not the real people. There just co- workers and good friends. If you were basically living with that person, seeing them everyday to do four films, wouldn't you be close to your co workers.
Mayra. Are they? No. Why? Well, if they hold hands it doesn't automatically mean they are going out. I have many friends that hold hands with thier guy friends just because they are very close friends. To me holding hands with your guy friend doesn't mean that you want to go steady with them. It just means "Hey I love you alot and you are my best friend, you happen to be a guy and so what? It's just a symbol of friendship.
Comment Hey you guys Daniel is cute and all but hey he can go out with whoever he wants! If he goes out with a person don't make it into a big deal I mean come on he is only human like the rest of us even if he has come out in the oh so famous Harry Potter movies. Apart from that he is just a regular guy who wants to live has life. If he is happy we should all be happy for him. okay?
Chris Gaulin. Are they? No. Why? Actually I don't think so.Their just good friends to me.Daniel seems very shy and nervous.Dan said that "Emma is very brave.."and she is probably just trying to pull him together.
Comment: If they were together I would only wish that I was Dan.I think Emma is the most beautiful woman in all of the WORLD!!!And I'm not just saying that.(If only she could read this passage)
little miss - Are they ? Yes. Why? just look at them!!! they aren't just holding hands, their hands are laced together!!!!
Comment: if they are, i wish them all the luck in the world, and if they aren't, why not?! they are meant for each other!!! maybe they said no because they didn't want to have to answer loads of questions about it!!! they should only have to answer to press about the films and related topics that they feel comfortable with, cos at the end of the day, they are still young, like many of you people who are reading this right now!!!! its up to them how they feel and what they say to the
press, so whether they are dating or not, i hope they are both v. happy, they
deserve to be!!!!

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