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TIME FOR KIDS - Before the Second Harry Potter Movie
- How old are you?
Emma: Twelve. My birthday is April 15th. I am in Year 8 at school.
- How does your school compare to Hogwarts?
Emma: My school is very different. It's a boarding school, but obviously there is no magic and in place of Quidditch we play field hockey.
- How many times have you watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone? How does it feel to watch yourself on the big screen?
Emma: I've watched the film about 4-5 times now. It's really weird to see yourself on the big screen. I find that I'm always looking at mistakes and not the good bits.
- Have you read each Harry Potter book? How many times? Which is your favorite and why?
Emma: Yes, I have read them all. My dad actually read them to me. I've only read them each one time but the third is my definitely my favorite because its the most exciting with lots of new characters.
- What are your days on the set like? How much time do you spend doing schoolwork?
Emma: My day on the set usually starts with hair and makeup and reviewing my lines in the morning when I first arrive. I have a tutor that I work with everyday for a minimum of three hours and maximum of five to keep up with my schoolwork.
- Do you and the other young actors get any time to just goof off? What kind of things do you do to pass the time?
Emma: We don't have much time between our school work and being on the set. But when we do we love to play pranks, dance and goof around. We also have Table Tennis and Table Football, which became very competitive.
- Are you more similar or different from Hermione? How so?
Emma: Actually, I'm very different than Hermione. I'm not as obsessed with school as she is but I still do quite well. I have a lot more time with my friends, and love to play sports especially field hockey, and rounders (which is like American softball). I am also much more obsessed with clothes and shopping whereas Hermione has no fashion sense at all.
- Are your best friends anything like Harry and Ron?
Emma: No. To start with they are girls. We like doing very different things; we don't fight Basilisks or anything like that. We just like to spend time talking and hanging out.
- Can you perform any magic tricks?
Emma: No, unfortunately I don't possess any magical abilities.
- What's the most challenging part about making a movie?
Emma: For my character in this film the most challenging part for me was memorizing all of the long dialogue and complex spells that Hermione is always having to rattle off.
- What is the best gift you have ever received?
Emma: The best gift I ever received was a CD player because I love music.
- What is your favorite food? Your least favorite?
Emma: My favorite is Italian - pizza, pasta...I love it all but my absolute favorite is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. My least favorite is vegetables.
- Do you have any pets? What are their names?
Emma: Yes, I have two cats: one is called Bubbles and another called Domino.
- What was the best costume you've ever worn
Emma: Unfortunately, Hermione doesn't have that many great outfits since she is usually seen in her school uniform.
- How long have you been playing hockey? Is it your favorite sport? Why?
Emma: I've been playing for eight years. Yes, its my favorite sport. My mum played for East of England, which is why I think I love it so much and it helps to take my mind off everything.
- We'd love to hear about your audition.
My drama teacher called my name out in an assembly,so I walked up to him and he asked me, "I wanted to know if you'd like to audition for a part in the Harry Potter movie". I did my first audition for a laugh. But as I got up the ranks, they got more serious. It wasn't until I did the last one that I realized I had a chance of getting it. And then I got the par0,t which was wonderful.
- When you were auditioning, did you know how to pronounce Hermione's name?
- Did you always want to be an actress?
Yeah,for ages.Probably since I was five or six.
- What kind of acting have you done?
I've been in loads of school plays. I did the "Swallow and the Prince", where I played the swallow. I also did "Alice in Wonderland",where I played the angry cook. My favorite was the musical "Morgan le Fay" because there were lots of good songs in it. I love to sing.
- So let's talk about the movie. How do you feel about seeing yourself on the big screen?
I really am self-critical. I'll say, "look! I look so stupid. I look so awful!"
- What's your favorite scene?
The troll scene is the best. It had loads of stunts.

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