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- Why are people, young and old, so taken with Harry Potter?
DANIEL: Many people are not as brave as Harry, and being an orphan is quite scary. He has managed to deal not only with that, but with living with people who probably hated him. Then after that scary, strong powerful stuff, it's just an amazing story about zero to hero.
- Daniel, what is it like to see your face on billboards and know that you are identified with the most popular boy in literature?
DANIEL: Surreal is the only word to describe it. It is strange, but it makes me feel really good inside. How many boys of my age have their pictures put on billboards? Not that many at all. So it is amazing to see myself. There are times when I just think, "Is there a luckier boy in the world?" No, I don't think so.
- When do you think all this excitement will die down? After the movie comes out?
DANIEL: I don't think it will die down for a while.
EMMA: And then the fifth book is coming out soon. When does it come out?
DANIEL: I have no idea ...
EMMA: With the film and the fifth book put together ...
DANIEL: Then when the videos come out ...
- So, the hype will never die down?
DANIEL: Eternal Harry.
- Do you expect that you'll be recognized everywhere?
DANIEL: I look quite different without my glasses on.
RUPERT: I haven't been recognized yet. I think it would be really cool.
EMMA: I have been recognized. In Oxford. It's not a small city, really. But the school that I go to, it kind of gets carried around till the whole city knows. I got noticed on British Airways. That's just scary.
DANIEL: I think you have probably been recognized the most of all of us. I think you look quite like your character.
EMMA: Yeah, I look like her and act like her. Well, not act like her that much. I look like her, basically.
-Are you looking forward to being recognized and asked for autographs?
(An enthusiastic chorus of yeahs and oh, yeahs!)
- Did you stay in contact after you finished shooting in May?
EMMA: No, we're so bad.
DANIEL: So bad.
EMMA: At the very end we were like, "I'll call you. See you around."
- Letīs do lunch?
EMMA: And it never happened.
RUPERT: Our dads did.
EMMA: Our moms and dads are better than we are.
- After you have gone through an experience like this movie, do you expect to be friends till you are old?
EMMA: I think we would attempt to. Definitely.
- How would you describe each other? What are each of your special characteristics? Emma, go first. Tell us about Rupert.
EMMA: Rupert has a very good sense of humour, and he is our teacher on the set. He is also very excited about his mobile phone. He loves his mobile. He picks up the phone like, "Oh, somebody loves me!" And Rupert says, "Bet it's the wrong number." He's so witty and fast.
- OK, Rup, tell me about Emma.
RUPERT: She's really clever.
RUPERT: Really clever, and she has got a good sense of humour. If we pull a prank on her, she might cut us off.
DANIEL: She'll just hurt us.
(More laughter)
- Now who is going to get Daniel?
DANIEL: Whoever it is, be really careful.
RUPERT: He is really funny, and he's clever.
DANIEL: And you are kind.
(They all laugh. As Emma is about to begin, Daniel leans over and bores his eyes into her.)
DANIEL: No pressure!
EMMA: Dan is the kind of guy you can make run 20 miles and run back again, join the army, stay there for three years.
DANIEL: Are you saying I'm stupid?
EMMA: Then tell him to climb Mount Everest and he'd come out saying, "Hi, can I do that again?" He's just so enthusiastic. However long the hours were or however school was, he always had a smile on his face.
DANIEL: Unless it's math.

Interview with the BBC - After the second Harry Potter Movie
- What was it like filming the second film?
E : With the first one we had no idea what we were doing. The second time round we had experience behind us and knew the cast and crew. It was really good fun and everyone was a lot more comfortable with that.
- What were the best bits for you?
E : I really enjoyed the Gilderoy Lockhart scene. It's funny because I really enjoyed making the film but then again I also really enjoyed watching it this time round.
- Why - because you get to do all those dreamy lovely looks?
E : Yeah - he is Hermione's heart throb! Gilderoy Lockhart is played by Kenneth Brannagh and he's a really nice guy.
- What was it like being turned into a cat? Can you tell us about that - and how much make-up you had to have?
E : It was a mixture of a masks, make up and special effects. It was cool though.
- How long did you have to wear all that hair on your face?
E : Not very long - it was only one shot so it was alright.
- What's it like now you're a big movie star? I see your face all the time on London buses - what's it like being back at school?
E : Going back to school is alright - I go to a very big school and some people give me a bit of stick. They walk past and go "Wingardium Leviosa" for the billionth time that day, and I go aaagggghhhhhh! But apart from that most people are really nice about it. My close firiends just treat me normally. They ask questions about it because they're curious but it's OK. It's funny mixing the two worlds, but I still do everything I used to do. I still play hockey and do all my sports.
- What are the teachers like?
The teachers are fine, normal. They're just the same old teachers really.
- At the end you hug Daniel and then..... Tell us a bit about that scene and what you think might happen in the future?  Well, at the time I said you've got to be kidding me - you want me to run down into the great hall and throw my arms around Harry?
E: Chris was like yeah and I was like no way! That's so embarrassing! I mean, running down a Great Hall in front of 300 actors is so embarrassing. I made a deal with him, though, as long as he didn't do it in slow motion, and he didn't put soppy music behind it!
- What about with Rupert?
E: With Rupert? Well I don't know where that's going - you'll have to ask JK Rowling about that one.
- One of the most difficult scenes was just after Draco Malfoy had called you a Mudblood. How was that to do? It was emotional for you and you did it really well.
E : It was quite hard - I just tried to forget about everyone else. The fact that she was a mudblood and this whole racism and prejudice against her made her a very interesting part to play. I really enjoyed doing that scene because it really tested me. I just tried to keep my eyes open for a long time and not blink and then think of the saddest thing I could and it just happened really.

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