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Nickelodeon’s Magazine’s interview with Emma, Rupert and Daniel
Nick: What’s your favorite scene in this movie?
Daniel: The Shrieking Shack scene because it’s basically the climax of the movie. It’s an amazing scene ---- it’s fantastically written.
Rupert: I like doing the stunt scene at the Whomping Willow. In the move, I am supposedly being dragged by a dog, but really there was a guy pulling me along the set. It was fun ---- I swallowed a lot of grass!
Nick: How well do you know your character?
Daniel: I know Harry very well. But I think there is this really, really, really dark side to Harry that you don’t see that much of. In the third film, he actually has murderous thoughts. He would literally kill Sirius Black if he had the chance.
Emma: Very well, especially since this is the third around. In the beginning of working on the third movie, we were asked to write a paper on who we thought our characters were I made me think about how Hermione uses her books and school work as a comfort blanket. It’s like a mask, so she doesn’t have to deal with emotions or get homesick. She can just cover it all up by being clever.
Rupert: Well, by playing them for three years, you get used to it. And there are certain things about my character that I relate to a lot, like we both have red hair, we both like sweets. We both are scared of spiders, and we both have big families.
Nick: How do you keep your energy up when you have to do the same scene many time in a row?
Emma: I just tell myself every time I do it that this is the first time I’ve done it.
Rupert: We have so much fun, and that provides a lot of motivation.
Nick: What do you do during your downtime on the set?
Emma: I have a table-tennis table in my dressing room, so I play that. I listen to music, and there’s lots of schoolwork to do. I also chill out with the other kids on the set.
Rupert: I’ve got a pool table and a dart board as well. And Dan and I attempted to make a crazy golf course in my room. We made a six foot windmill out of these massive cardboard boxes and we got it spinning using an electric fan. We had plans to expand it to the main studio ---- but it never got past one hole.
Nick: What other roles would you like to play?
Daniel: I’d like to do The Simpsons.
Emma: I’ve always wanted to play Velma from Chicago.
Nick: Are there other careers would like to pursue in the future?
Daniel: I love rock music. I also love writing. I write short stories just for fun, so I might develop that.
Emma: I’ve always loved singing, dancing, and any kind of performing, really. I also love art and sports.
Rupert: When I was younger I wanted to be an ice cream man. That would be a cool job. I’d like to be a cartoonist as well. I love drawing.
Nick: What’s you favorite American T.V. show?
Daniel and Rupert: The Simpsons.
Emma: Yep. Ooh and Friends.
Rupert: SpongeBob Squarepants as well.
Nick: Can you go anywhere in England without being recognized?
Daniel: A lot of people assume I can’t do anything, which isn’t true at all. I just do normal stuff like go out with my friends and go to the cinema.
Emma: It’s okay, because a lot of people [where I live] know who I am and they’re used to seeing me around.
Rupert: I get recognized quite a lot, which is weird. When people come up to me, they’re really nice.
Nick: Is it hard to watch the other films now?
Daniel: Horrible, horrific. I can’t watch myself!
Emma: I can’t watch them, either!
Rupert: Speak for yourself. I love watching myself! [laughs]
Daniel: Oh I love watching you, too. [laughs] He was the only thing that kept me up at the premiere [the first one]. I genuinely thought there was something wrong with the sound, because our voices were so high.
Rupert: It was so weird!
Daniel: It sounded like we all had just had some helium. We sound so completely different now.

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