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Emma & Dan : going out together?


We are always hoping to know the answer to this exciting, mysterious and complicated question. But the answer might me simpler than what we think. This is the answer : They are NOT. Here follows some information about their "relationship".

YEAR 2001:

'Emma is very brave', says Daniel, 'With her I am always talking about personal things; she's really trustworthy'

"Dan is the kind of boy that is always excitied about doing something, he loves playing prunks... besides, we usually talk about personal things", says Emma. Maybe there WAS something. But maybe they were just friends!

YEAR 2003:

'If I played a prunk on Emma, she would really get angry... She would hurt me...' ( with words), says Daniel

"It was like... 'get off me!' I didn't like it at all... For starters it was 'cringe', but then it was okay", said Emma on hugging Daniel on the 2nd film.

At this time nothing seemed to go on. Not even a good friendship.

'I have got a crush on someone of the set', says Emma. (NOT DANIEL, I SUPPOSE!)

YEAR 2004

On the pictures of the POA premieres Dan and Em are holding hands, and they hug each other. We can see that they are great friends. I think that they were holding hands because he was nervous - he seemed to be nervous. He is a nervous guy, isn't he?

But Daniel says that they are NOT going out together. He also has crush on someone on set (which is not Emma!).