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About Cancer, Dan's sun sign


Cancer is a sensitive sign, the fourth sign of the zodiac, which is characterized by deep feelings and protectiveness. Cancerians are nurturing, hospitable and imaginative, and all their efforts go into making their home a safe place for them and the people they cherish.
The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, which makes Cancerias very intuitive and empathetic. They are both receptive to those they love and willing to offer comfort in return.

Being the first of the water signs Cancerians have psychic powers, and are able to sense feelings and thoughts in others - they feel rather than think. When they love someone, they love truly and deeply, and have the desire to connect on a profound level.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means that their parental instincts compel they to protect and fight for the security of their loved ones. They thrive on drama, and get stronger in situations of crisis.

Strenghs: ability to adapt and cooperate, wonderful way of providing comfort, dependable, they have a strong imagination and are in touch with their intuiton.

Weaknesses: can get hypersensitive and moody when someone fails to show they their love and appreciation. Sometimes they are immature, manipulative, and even tyrannical behavior. In that way others can see Cancerians as very possesive.